.NET My Frame Panel

.NET My Frame Panel 2.00

Improves visual interface

My Frame Panel . NET is the panel you need to improve your visual interface for your applications. This tool lets you create modern visual styles to your programs.

All new styles, themes and features added to My Frame Panel . NET can be customized. The main features include creating an instant panel with 8 different presets (Vista Sunset, Office 2007/2003, Aqua, Gradient, Fashion 2008, XP or Solid).

For each panel you have 3 parts: header, body and footer. Each one can be customized with appearance, color, text, image, effects and height. There are six default themes available for all Windows versions.

They are automatic detection, blue, olive, silver, royal, black and beige. You can set each corner rounded if you want. You can also set the radius value for each corner and give text effects for each part such as smooth fading, mirror, glow, shadow, engraved or transparent.

You can add image effects for each text part such as mirror, shadow, alpha and stretch. There are full color customization options for each part and full tooltip control with balloon or rectangular.

You can use this panel with your favorite programming language supporting . NET (framework 2. 0 and upper). It runs in Windows with . NET Framework V2, V3, V3.

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.NET My Frame Panel


.NET My Frame Panel 2.00

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